Memphis Wallpaper

Wallpaper Diskplay

Every once in awhile I will get a request for some wallpaper from one of my photos on this site or on Flickr. So I went in and made some wallpaper for your computer, phone & tablet.

For $2 you get at least 10 photos for your device.

*All photos are formatted specifically for your desktop, iPhone & iPad.

Flickr Favorites – Week 46

Every day I post 5-10 photos to my Flickr page. At the end of the week I try to write about some of my favorites from the week. Click on the photo and it will take you to the photo on Flickr.

Here is Week 46:
Living Walls ATLFor the past several years Atlanta has hosted the Living Walls Street Art Festival. Fortunately we arrived in Atlanta a week after the festival ended so there were lots of excellent pieces like this one by Fintan Magee. They have a bike tour that goes by all the murals too. Can’t wait to go back next year and see what they put up.

Sheraton HotelThe Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. Judging by the number of photos on my site you would think I was hired by Sheraton to shoot their hotel. While I am available for that sort of thing this was not the case. This hotel fit in perfectly with the colors and landscape of Phoenix. Also had one of the coolest rooftop pools I have seen. Its hard to believe a hotel can be your muse but on this Phoenix trip it definitely was.

Madison HotelAnother hotel but this time in my home of Memphis, TN. The Madison Hotel in my opinion is the best hotel in Memphis (yes even more than The Peabody). There was something that struck me with just the two rooms with their lights on. Be sure to check out the rooftop if you stay there for one of the best views in the city.

15601907468_23fcaccb63_kI live just off one of the most authentic Memphis streets, Summer Avenue. I pass this sign almost every day and I’m a sucker for old signs like this. One could easily do a photo essay on Summer Avenue (hint hint). I see something new every day on my commutes.

15580360117_0f9e4983da_kGreat shirt from one the spectators of the Dragon Con parade that takes place in Atlanta every year. You can see some more photos from my post earlier in the week.

Flickr Favorites – Week 45

Every week I’ll be publishing some of my favorite photos I’ve taken on Flickr & write a little about them. As always you can check out my full photostream on Flickr. Here we go:

15532326120_3406fd7ca3_kMuddy’s has been a Memphis institution for some time now and now they have a coffee shop in Midtown! Now you can get a cupcake, coffee & cool place to work at Muddy’s Grindhouse.

15089418454_b3e4579121_kAtlanta has rapidly become one of my favorite cities. It’s definitely on my shortlist of places if I ever decided to leave Memphis. Here is the view from the Top of the Hub Restaurant. Be sure you get there a little before sunset so you can get a great golden hour view and then stay and check out the gorgeous sklyline at night.

15105339423_b74d43d2c9_kThe Barber Motorsports Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum. Not only does Alabama have a world-class racetrack they also have I think the largest vintage motorcycle & car collection in the USA.
One more from Atlanta. Every year Atlanta hosts a street art festival called  Living Walls. Be sure to check out the bike route they post that tours all the artwork that is involved in the festival.
15685663136_0964c5c02b_k The Pageant in St. Louis. Maybe me favorite venue I’ve ever seen a show at. Be sure to check out the Moonrise Hotel next door.