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Clare is a loving single mom that is available for adoption at Streetdog. She successfully raised 8 beautiful pups and now enjoys the quiet life since her babies have all found wonderful homes. She is sweet and had no problems being in front of the camera almost instantly.

For me Clare is the perfect dog. She doesn’t bark and is pretty indifferent to other dogs on her walks (she is great on a leash) which is a big plus in my book. However she does love playing with other dogs, especially ex-Streetdog Weezer.

You can find more photos of Clarice here and the other Streetdog shoots at my Gallery page. If you are interested in adopting Clare head over to the Streetdog adoption page.

I first met Breezy working on a local film production in Memphis, TN. We hit it off immediately and she has become an integral part of the Memphis film community. She is one of those people you can rely on to do the job well and learn fast.

Besides working for Choose 901 she is also quite a good photographer and go-to videographer. Here she was kind enough to pose for one of the first in a series of local Memphians I hope to profile on the blog.

Was doing a photo shoot in downtown Memphis last week and I noticed my favorite I Love Memphis mural was being torn down. So that its memory will live on I’ve included a downloadable desktop wallpaper so you can still enjoy it on your computer.

I’ve got more wallpapers for your Mac, PC & Phone over on Gumroad for $1.99 if you are interested in more Memphis stuff.

Cruz (no relation to Tom) loves many things in life. First and foremost he loves tires. The bigger the better. He also loves the South Main area in downtown Memphis. He happily strolled around saying hi to people and dogs he met on the way. His last love was his dog wrangler Megan. They hit it off instantly and Megan provided him with many treats along his walk.

Cruz is adoptable via the Streetdog organization. To find out more about Cruz and other adoptable dogs, visit their adoption page and check out my gallery of other Streetdogs here.



Ernestine & Hazel’s is an inspiration. There is a creative energy that buzzes around the place like no other in Memphis. It has history. It has character. It has the most delicious drunken food ever made, the Soul Burger. It’s also authentic Memphis. If you have never been–especially if you are from out of town go. You will not be disappointed.